Dramatic alteration

Long term supporters of Blue Bird Studios have seen this one before to, but I had to re-post here on our new website. When the client brought me this second hand dress she wanted altered for her wedding day I initially thought she just wanted it taken up and taken in - as she was a smaller size than the original. After she tried the dress on, she confessed that the drop waisted style didn't feel flattering and it didn't make her feel special. We discussed it a little more and came up with a final design that would be more her ideal.

The dramatic alteration was a lot of deconstruction and re-construction but the end result was so worth it. The dress looked amazing on the client (hopefully I will have an image of the bride on her Christmas Eve eve wedding day to post soon) and the client was totally happy with the result and feeling very special in her dress.

If you see or have a dress or other item you love but something isn't quite right - don't be afraid to contact us and discuss a dramatic alteration of your own.