Outlander Fans

Very excited to have had recently had two client consultations for period costumes from 18th century and the 1940s in preparation for the upcoming ANZOFs meet in Glen Innes, NSW in October this year.

The 18th century is an wonderful period of dressmaking and costume, the range of design elements on the same shape is magnificent (so too is the quantity of fabric required for this period!). Many elements of the 18th century costume can be re-used in early to mid 19th century costume with little or no alteration. For one of my clients the bodice of the costume we have developed for her will also be quite wearable on the street today. There's no end to the uses of a period costume after a specific event when time and ingenuity are utilised in the initial planning of the costume. According to your brief we can be flexible with how much detail there is in the historical accuracy of your costume.

Now, unlike an 18th century costume, a complete period costume from the 1940s wouldn't look out of place on the street today. The careful treasure hunter can still occasionally find a classic 1940s made item of clothing in the second-hand shops today. It's a design period that keeps returning again and again to the catwalk as a classic look. Again there is that flexibility in the creation of a 1940s costume. We can create a costume for you accurate to 1940s materials and techniques or, if you prefer, a costume that is in keeping with 1940s style and design, but has the convenience and ease of some of the more recent materials and technique developments.

If you've been wanting to get all dressed up in period costume for a specific event, like the ANZOFs event in October, but don't want to spend a lot of money on a one off event, contact us. In consultation with you we can design a period costume that can have a longer life than a one time event.